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The Train Game

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Do you ever wish your family spent less time on their various devices? 

Do you find yourself reaching for your phone to appease a bored child when you are stuck waiting someplace?

Why not have an alternate go to option ready to share with your loved ones! Maybe your go to entertainment doesn't have to be on a screen, but something you've created together. 

Why not pull out a game that you created and have ownership in, staying off the screen, bringing everyone together playing a game fun for young and old. Don't just download another app, lets make something you'll be happy to share. 

Quickly customize & Create

Game Assembly

Once you purchase a copy of the game, you'll get a link to download a PDF file. Then you can print as many copies of the game as you wish.

From there decide to leave it as-is or color and customize the cards, paste them to some thin cardboard, and cut out your pieces. Either place the cards inside an Altoids tin or a sandwich bag with a 6 sided die and you are ready to go!

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The Train Game

How to Play

With a little patience and the ability to count to 6, most anyone can play (although we suggest 3 and up to avoid anyone accidentally eating smaller game pieces). 

Everyone starts with an Engine. Each player in turn rolls to get one of each of the cars 1-5 (no doubles). A player can only roll for a 6 (the caboose) if they have their train complete with cars 1-5 in any order. A player rolling a 6 before assembling a full train passes to the next player not adding to their train. 

You can have a train made up of different kinds of cars or all the same kind of car, that is up to the individual player. The game can be over when the first person obtains a caboose, or you can continue with who is left to see who will win next (to avoid hurt feelings). 

Assemble your train (cars #1-5), then roll for a 6 to win!

Assemble your train (cars #1-5), then roll for a 6 to win!


What you will need


This is a Print-and-Play game. While this means you don't have to wait to find the game in your mailbox, you will need to customize, create, and assemble your game before you can start playing. 

Basic game assembly without any customization takes about 30 minutes, but letting the kids customize the game is what really creates their ownership in this project. Be sure and set aside some time. 

Below are some things you will find useful to have on hand before you start. 


Colored Pencils

Crayons and markers will work also. Really it is what you have on hand to color with and is your child's favorite. The sharper the tip the better though. 

Thin cardboard

We like gluing the print-outs to thin cardboard to give the playing pieces some heft. Cardboard from a cereal box (or something similar) works great. Try to keep it thin for easier cutting and to be able to stack as many pieces as possible in the tin. 

Glue Stick

Some way to glue the print-outs to the thin cardboard. Try to avoid wet glue or tape. We like the purple glue sticks that turn white when dry. 



You'll need to cut out the game pieces. Be sure to use scissors appropriate to the age - you don't want to have any accidents. 

The cards don't have to be perfect, just as long as you can see what they are. 

Adventure Awaits,
why not have a little fun along the way