Going on small adventures is great, but getting there can be a bit of a challenge. Or when you need some down time and the kids are getting restless at a cafe, having a game in your back pocket can be just the key to not frantically running out embarrassed. 


Recently while riding home on Caltrain trip to San Francisco, the kids were a bit tired and bored we started drawing some princess castles. We were on one of the newer cars and the three of us were sitting at one of those tables between 4 seats.

An older gentleman sat down with us and my youngest struck up a conversation. He pulled out this little game in a tin with a multi-colored die you roll to assemble a princess castle. Start with a base; add green, pink, yellow, blue, orange sections, then roll for the crowning piece first. It was a simple game but both my kids had a wonderful time and it made the hour long ride just disappear. 



On our walk home this got me thinking that it wouldn't be very hard to set something up for the kids to create their own version of this. An Altoids mint tin seemed to be a great size, and the kids always love to have little treasure boxes like this for their trinkets. So I started thinking and sketching, and figuring out ways we could make our own game like this.

The idea would be something you could create at home without having to wait for something to ship. Something the kids have ownership in. A print and play game that you can easily bring with you. 


Testing another prototype...

Testing another prototype...


After a lot of prototypes, sketching, cutting, and bribing the kids to keep working on this, we have come up with what we are calling Kid Tins (we liked the play on words as it sounds like kitten).