KidTins is a project developed by 

We endeavor to assist in creating bonding experiences by encouraging family adventures and outings. We strongly believe that regular adventuring with your loved ones builds stronger bonds and creates better relationships. Below you will find links to some of our other projects that you might find interesting.

The umbrella to all of our projects. You can find updates here on what we are trying out or working on, and some of the process of how we create. See what we are planning and thinking about working on here.

Adventuring around the San Francisco Bay Area. Looking for something to do this weekend? Something a bit different and off beat, or just a new twist on an old classic. Kiddiewalks is full of ideas and cool things to do with your family this weekend.

We've been working on writing a couple of supportive books to help get you organized and out of the house for an adventure this weekend. It's so easy to let small setbacks and failures cascade out and ruin an entire day. These books help you plan, pay attention to important details, and enjoy adventuring out with your family without going crazy or driving yourself to exhaustion.