The Train Game (full version)

The Train Game (full version)


What kid doesn't love trains? 

The train game has a player choose their engine, assemble cars one through five in any order by rolling a dice, then the first player to roll a six after assembling their cars wins the caboose to finish the game. 

This game is a PDF download you print out and customize, then you find a dice from an old game (or buy one from a toy store), find a box or zipper sandwich bag to store your game (we suggest an Altoids tin) - and you have a fun game the kids will feel proud to play and share with the added benefit that they aren't glued to some device. 

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The Train Game is a Do-It-Yourself game you can take with you anywhere. 

The idea behind this was that for the price of an app, you could download a PDF file to print and customize, mount it to some thin cardboard, cut up the pieces, and throw them into an Altoids tin with a spare dice to take with you on adventures with your family.

Far too often we turn to our devices when we are bored, isolating us from our environment. This game is set up to be an afternoon project with your family, then something you can pull out at slow times when you are on the go. 

Customizing your cards is as simple as grabbing some colored pencils and finding an area to draw. 

And finally, if you lose the game, need another copy, or want to give one to a friend - it's as simple as printing out another PDF. 

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